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Technical route

Different from the conventional nanometer silicon preparation technology, the heat-treatment-liquid-phase coating technology adopted by YUNNAN ENERGY INVESTMENT HEOLO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a technical solution for producing the “eggshell-yolk” silicon carbide materials. The technology is the global first to have a unique preparation process from the production of precursors. We take advantages of Yunnan's abundant special silicon mines to acquire relatively easy raw materials. Compared with other processes such as silane decomposition, nanowire synthesis, and hydrothermal synthesis, it requires no complicated and costly purification process and has excellent nano-characteristic silicon-carbon material precursors, laying a solid foundation for the realization of subsequent processes and quality control.


Physical Properties

①HEOLO silicon carbon materials feature low cost, high gram volume, long cycle life, and high consistency.  Its "eggshell-yolk" nano-silicon-carbon material is excellent to resist swelling. (Fig. 1)

② The nano-carbon layer forms a dense and strong protective shell, which encapsulates the nano-sized silicon particles to generate a nano-silicon-carbon composite structure, reducing the expansion rate of the silicon-based material and also solving the low conductivity of silicon as a semiconductor. The micro-scale morphology of silica-carbon materials prepared from our unique raw materials is characterized by laminar stacking. This structure also makes the materials easy to disperse and compact, which can ensure better capacity in the production of finished batteries while lowering the production difficulty and enhancing the quality 

Electrochemical performance
The specific capacity of HEOLO pure silicon carbon is stably up to 1100-1200mAh/g (Fig. 3).



Environmental parameters

粒径分布 Grain size distribution
Pure moissanite specific capacity (mAh/g)
>1000 mAh/g 
Electrode expansivity
Specific surface area 
<4m2/g, 对应400mAh/g的复合负极材料 <4m2/g, corresponding to 400mAh/g anode composites
<8m2/g,对应450mAh/g的复合负极材料 <8m2/g, corresponding to 450mAh/g anode composites
<12m2/g, 对应500mAh/g的复合负极材料 <12m2/g, corresponding to 500mAh/g anode composites
First Coulombic Efficiency
>88%, 对应400mAh/g的复合负极材料 >88m2/g, corresponding to 400mAh/g anode composites
>85%,对应450mAh/g的复合负极材料 >85m2/g, corresponding to 450mAh/g anode composites
>80%, 对应500mAh/g的复合负极材料 >80m2/g, corresponding to 500mAh/g anode composites

Through a unique preparation process and method, the material cost and production cost have cut down to a large extent, making the product cost far lower than the current level of the industry. The product machining performance is good and the product has been tested in a first-rate domestic battery factory to reach the domestic leading level for overall performance. The factory has become a potential supplier of HEOLO. We are planning to release our capacity gradually in 2018. The design capacity of pure silicon carbon anodes is 1000 tons/year. 
Customers are welcome to work with us to promote the rapid development of the domestic lithium battery industry.